What does the name Beauty and Propaganda mean?

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Does the name Beauty and Propaganda strike you as bizarre? Have you wondered what Beauty and Propaganda means? We are here to answer all of your curious questions about our oh-so “unusual” name. Beauty and Propaganda came about because we felt that as women we are constantly being told by the media what we are supposed to look like i.e. Propaganda- how our hair should be styled, how we are supposed to do our makeup- from the heavy contour look, to the no makeup-makeup look, how our brows should be shaped, to look younger, the list can go on forever, and honestly how do we keep up? At some point whether we like to admit it or not we have been pressured to look a certain way. As women, we are being molded and have been chasing a standard of beauty that is not attainable. We are here to tell you that we are not the propaganda! We decided to launch our company and name it Beauty and Propaganda and have an inclusive philosophy where we built a team with talented artists that know how to work with all hair types and skin tones! Beauty and Propaganda believes that there is beauty in everyone. Our neon sign in our salon states one of our favorite slogans- “Beauty is not a shape, size, or color”. Beauty and Propaganda has come together as your beauty team that works to enhance your already natural beauty where we embrace differences and are experts in all different types of ethnicities hair, brows, and makeup.

Xo- Karla + ZU