How does color correcting work?


Do you ever apply your makeup on but for some reason those dark circles or acne scars are still finding a way to make an appearance through your foundation? Well thank goodness for color correcting- a technique used to camouflage and hide different types of issues within the skin. This technique works well for people who have hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark circles, or discoloration. Lighter colors work best for people with lighter skin as darker colors work better for people with darker skin tones. Whatever your color may be the goal for all is a seamlessly perfect complexion even if you have something to hide! Color correcting is applied before your regular concealer and foundation routine for best results! Color correcting does not replace your regular concealer. There are so many great products out there and maybe you just need one for your dark circles but I linked a pallet that has all the colors in case you guys want to try this technique out! What is also great are pencils for color correcting because I feel that it gives exact control for the area you want to focus on. My favorite way to use color correcting it is on my dark circles and if I have a pimple I need to camouflage! 

The color peach is used to cancel out blue, purple, and gray. It works well dark circles and dark spots on the face. This color works best on light to medium skin tones. 

The color red/ orange cancels out dark circles, bruising, spots, or scars this hue tends to work best for people with darker skin hues. 

The color yellow cancels out purple which works well for when you have a pimple to hide, hyperpigmentation or a small cut of some sort works best for people with tan skin. (sort of the same as yellow) 

The color green cancels out redness you can try using this color on pimples, rosacea, or sunburns. 

Purple cancels out yellow. 

Xo- ZU