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Karla and Zuleika, owners of Beauty and Propaganda, the best salon in Scottsdale!

Beauty and Propaganda, the Best Salon in Scottsdale!

Two Sisters, One Mission, We Love Beauty!

We believe in helping women achieve the best version of themselves!

Owners of Beauty and Propaganda, Zuleika and Karla Zaragoza are strong advocates for a new way to beauty.



Best Salon in Scottsdale

At Beauty and Propaganda we are known as Arizona’s premier one stop beauty salon. B+P provides the best customer service in the valley. In the view of our wonderful customers, B+P offers the best blowout experience in Scottsdale. Our hairstylists are masters of their craft, especially when it comes to Bridal and Beauty-on-the-Go services. Each stylist creates long-lasting beautiful blowouts for curly, textured, straight, short or long hair. B+P’s talented hairstylists get you ready for a girl’s night or a special event; homecomings, proms, graduations, bachelorettes, weddings, Mother’s Days, baby showers, and more!

We Believe in Real Beauty at the Best Salon in Scottsdale


Small changes in makeup, skin care, hair, or even diet help us feel better, creating a boost in confidence! Self-Care is self preservation, love for oneself. Beauty shouldn’t be viewed for the vain or for a select few, but a time for all, to love ourselves and be able to be the best version of ourselves for whatever role we have in this world. Therefore, we decided to bring our love and passion for helping women achieve their best version of themselves to life by creating a beauty boutique. Additionally, we believe that beauty is not a shape, size, or color, and keep reimagining a New Way to Beauty.

We pamper women by providing services such as Blowouts, Nails, Makeup, Spray Tans, and more!

--"The BEST Salon in Scottsdale!" --

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